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  1. Dali loves the community, is for the community and powered by the community. Integrity and mutual respect is at the core of our values and in order for us to give you access to Dali, please refrain from any unsavoury, prejudiced and offensive comments that might be deemed disrespectful to others.
  2. We are all here to build a better future and contribute to more sustainable and affordable living in our cities. As such all topics should centre around making your lives more convenient, improving mobility and urban rejuvenation. Our moderator will at all times reserve the right to remove any content that is deemed irrelevant to our cause.
  3. Dali has feelings just like all of us. It is human to want to have a passionate conversation, but it is also human to want to be treated with respect and not be pelted with profanity. Please restrain from any profanity if possible and you might have your community rights revoked if you are found to repeatedly violate this.
  4. This is a forum for us to share our ideas, beliefs and vision for a better future. Any malicious form of attack on the site (denial of service, spam, question scraping) are strictly prohibited and will make Dali very upset.
  5. Speak your mind, challenge convention, be passionate about new ideas and don’t be afraid to push the boundaries. Have fun but learn that sometimes there can be resolution in disagreement. We can share different views and still be friends. Dali is here to spread love and ideas so please share your love with the community and start building the future!